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In the history of our family there is not only oil but also the passion ofour grandfather, Adelino Merico, for the production of cereals that were transformed into fragrant bread infamily oven.

Today, as then, we continue to cultivate organic wheat of the "Senatore Cappelli" variety and thanks to the collaboration of small artisan laboratories we produce a flour of excellent and well-known quality from which pasta in regional formats and bakery products are born. -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Our company is in the community"Triticum"  of the custodians of ancient grains of Salento which is part of theSlow Food Slow Grains Project


With the  ourorganic wheatof the variety"Senator Cappelli"we produce a flour of excellent and well-known quality; from the collaboration with small artisan workshops  regional pasta and baked goods are born.


History of this excellent grain:

Durum wheat “Senatore Cappelli” (Triticum Durum) is considered thefather of durum wheat; in the early 1900s the geneticist Nazareno Strampelli created this very rustic and resistant variety dedicating it to the deputy of the Kingdom, Raffaele Cappelli, who had allowed him to make experimental sowings in his properties in Puglia. It had great success at least until the 1960s. Subsequently  was abandoned; in fact, with the possibility of producing more nitrogen fertilizers at low cost and more chemical herbicides, more productive, early and lower cultivars were gradually selected (through interspecific crossings, mutagenesis and introgression of Rht genes) it can reach 1.80 cm in height) therefore resistant to lodging but of lower quality. 

Fortunately, this ancient seed with unique properties has not been lost. Has aprotein, fiber, magnesium content,potassium and zinc higher than that of other grainsand as shown by a study carried out by the Gemelli Polyclinic in Rome, it is well tolerated even by those suffering from gastrointestinal problems and gluten intolerance (not celiac disease).  

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