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Biscuits with Almonds 300 g

This is an ancient Salento recipe. These biscuits are handcrafted with our wholemeal cappelli flour and our organic almonds. Ideal for breakfast, accompanied by custard, eggnog or simply to end a meal paired with a sweet wine.

Tarallini with fennel seed oil 250 gr 

Tarallini with chilli oil 250 gr

Typical Apulian specialty whose dough is prepared with our whole durum wheat flour Senatore Cappelli. Available in two flavors in the traditional version with fennel seeds or chilli pepper. Perfect to be consumed at any time of the day, as an aperitif, but also to be served on the table with bread.


Friselline in oil 200 g

Friselline with olive oil handcrafted with our whole wheat Senatore Cappelli whole wheat flour, excellent as a snack to break hunger or as an appetizer to accompany salami and pate. 

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