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Oliomerico: 1h1f partnership

Our new graphic, our brand restyling, it's all because of this guys: Une Home Une Femme, a young, creative, and independent couple specialized in film and brad design production who visited our artisanal farm. 
They gifted us with this new graphic, taking inspiration from our history and from the beauty of our land.

Visit to know more about them and their history, check it out all their amazing works!

Oliomerico: Salentokm0 parnership

We met Francesca Casaluci in 2012 and she introduced us to her world made by small and artisanal companies from Salento that love their territory. We create a net of producers with one mission: build and promote a new solidarity economy to protect and help to grow the local farmers and the small producers of Salento

Oliomerico: Cesto di natale
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