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Oliomerico: Olio EVO Piana degli Ulivi
Oliomerico: Limited quantity PDU

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Piana degli Ulivi

Variety: Ogliarola di Lecce e Cellina di Nardò

Sensorial characteristics: Medium Fruity.
Classic aromatic notes of tomato, artichoke and chicory. The taste is notably bitter and spicy, in a balanced and harmonic way.
This oil pairs well with red meat, bean soups, wild herbs, raw vegetables, dark chocolate and all well-structured dishes.
Slow Food Presidium 2014

natural Blend of two varieties which come from the agronomic setting of our ancient olive groves, composed by 70% of Ogliarola and 30% of Cellina. 

Oliomerico: PDU 250ml

250ml Tin - Bottle

500ml 250ml 100ml Tin

100ml Tin
Oliomerico: PDU 500ml

500ml Bottle

Oliomerico: PDU 1LT
1L Tin
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