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Oliomerico: Olio EVO Kurumuni
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Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Variety: Ogliarola di Lecce

Sensorial characteristics:

Medium Fruity, with the classic notes of grass, almond, artichoke and wild cicories 
On the palate, this Oil is aromatic, with pleasant bitterness and spice.
Kurumuni has a wonderful intense taste and pairs well with grilled meat and fish, soups and steamed legumes.


"Kurumuni" comes from Griko, Salento's ancient language, and means "olive bud".
It is also the name of a land that family owns in centuries.

Oliomerico Kurumuni 250ml

250ml Tin - Bottle

OlioMericotrisKurumuny .jpg

500ml Bottle

OlioMerico Kurumuny100 ml .jpg

100ml Tin

500ml Tin

Oliomerico Kurumuni 1LT

1L Tin

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